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About Us

Our mission

Our mission is to share with our clientele our traditions by offering them quality products, friendly service in a warm and casual atmosphere to make them feel at home.

Our values

La Crêperie chez Suzette keeps a high standard in customer satisfaction, quality products and friendly environment. Those are factors that have inspired our enterprise and guaranteed our success.

Our history

Our success story begin in 1996 in the heart of Old Montreal when Jean Guy Daneau and is wife Sonja Remy had the idea to transform their clothing boutique situated on St Paul street for the last 20 years into a Creperie. It wa a huge risk and a career change four a couple that had no experience in the restaurant business.

A wortwhile risk because the Creperie, than callen Creperie du Vieux Montreal, had only 20 places and was always full; there were always lines in front of the restaurant. The new owners were overwelmed with the success of their new entreprise.

During the following years there were 2 expansion to the Creperie which added 38 places and then another 72 places. The creperie now has 130 places in total.

Today La Crêperie chez Suzette is one of the most well know and visited restaurant in Old Montreal offering the Best relation quality/price in the whole city.

Our Franchisees and Us

The basis of our development is our relationship with our franchisee. Considering our franchisee as strategic partners and offering them all the necessary tools to optimize their results. Also our service is always attentive to our franchisee and works to assure they have all the tools to succeed.

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